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                R & D

                1.1 construction and development process of Enterprise Technology Center
                Jinhong Xincai attaches great importance to the construction of enterprise technology center. As early as 2001, when the company organized the R & D of reaction sintered silicon carbide ceramic products, the technology department was established. After more than 20 years of construction, the company's technology center has continuously developed and expanded, and has been recognized as Weifang Municipal Enterprise Technology Center and engineering technology research center by Weifang Development and Reform Commission, industry and Information Technology Bureau and science and Technology Bureau. In 2016, it was recognized as a provincial engineering laboratory by the provincial development and Reform Commission. It has successively undertaken 12 national, provincial and ministerial scientific research projects such as the high-tech industrialization of the national development and Reform Commission, the Innovation Fund for scientific and technological small and medium-sized enterprises of the Ministry of science and technology, the national key new product plan and the technological transformation of the Ministry of industry and information technology, and won the first prize of the military scientific and technological progress award, the first prize of the scientific and technological progress award of the General Logistics Department, the scientific and technological progress award of Shandong Province Shandong excellent energy conservation achievement award and other awards at or above the provincial and ministerial level.

                In recent years, in order to speed up the research and development of new materials and products such as boron carbide and silicon carbide ceramics and promote the high-quality development of the enterprise, the company has continuously enriched and improved the enterprise technology center by increasing investment, improved the enterprise's technological innovation ability and enhanced the core competitiveness of the enterprise. The enterprise technology center is responsible for the whole chain innovation of basic research, key common technology research, achievement transformation and industrialization of silicon carbide engineering ceramics and bulletproof ceramics; Accelerate the maturation and industrialization of advanced technologies, key common technology breakthroughs and major scientific and technological achievements of new ceramic materials; Enhance the competitiveness of China's advanced ceramic new material industry and lead the development of advanced ceramic material industry. The enterprise technology center establishes a complete R & D system from application basic research, key technology integration to product industrialization development, so that the enterprise is always at the forefront of the research and development of boron carbide, silicon carbide bulletproof ceramics and engineering ceramics in China, so as to ensure the continuity of basic research, process technology development and application, and enable the enterprise to continue technological innovation, Lead and drive the technological progress of the same industry in China. The main research fields of the enterprise technology center are:

                (1) Basic research on advanced ceramic material science and preparation technology. Focus on the basic research and Application Research of various high-performance structural ceramics, engineering ceramics, advanced multiphase composites, honeycomb ceramics, conductive ceramics and lightweight structural materials; Research and development of various silicon carbide ceramic formula composition, forming technology and sintering technology.

                (2) Research on engineering and industrialization of advanced ceramics. Taking advantage of the superior properties of advanced engineering ceramics such as high strength, high hardness, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and wear resistance, carry out engineering and industrialization research on carbides, nitrides and their composites, mainly including silicon carbide ceramic special-shaped parts, seals, guide wheels and bearing balls; High temperature and corrosion resistant materials; Honeycomb ceramics, environmental protection materials, etc. Silicon carbide ceramic brake pads, ceramic heat exchangers, electronic substrate materials, etc. In order to meet the demand of modern industrial high-end manufacturing for advanced engineering ceramic materials and promote the upgrading of traditional manufacturing industry.

                (3) Research on special advanced ceramic materials. Focus on ceramic matrix composites represented by C / SiC, SiCf / SiC and B4C / SiC.

                (4) Special ceramic protective materials in the field of national defense and military industry. Focus on the research and development of human body and armor protection materials in the field of national defense, such as reaction sintered silicon carbide bulletproof ceramic insert plate, pressureless sintered silicon carbide armor protection plate, boron carbide armor protection plate, silicon carbide combined boron carbide bulletproof ceramics, light superhard bulletproof ceramics and so on.

                (5) Research and development of intelligent production and digital control technology for production and quality inspection processes such as special ceramic batching, mixing, stirring, mud refining, green body forming, green body drying, sintering, surface treatment, processing, quality inspection, etc.

                1.2 organizational structure of Enterprise Technology Center

                The enterprise technology center implements the director responsibility system, with one director and two deputy directors. The enterprise technology center shall establish a technical committee and an expert committee, each with a director. It consists of bulletproof ceramic material R & D department, carbide structure ceramic material R & D department, ceramic matrix composite material R & D department, intelligent production and digital control technology R & D department, process and performance laboratory, market information department, etc. Establish an expert committee with the company as the main body and absorbing well-known experts and scholars such as universities and scientific research institutions.

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