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                Spirit of the company: be diligent and hardworking

                It is said in Huangshi Gong's plain book that "you perform meritorious service because of your peg, and you protect the end because of your diligence and accomplishment". The pegs are like pine trees that hold on to the green mountains, and they will not be shaken by wind and rain; Being diligent and honest is like a big wave of gold rush. Jin Hongren has an indomitable spirit, perseveres, adheres to his main business, and is good at doing things skillfully in order to achieve his goals.

                Mission: to provide application solutions for new ceramic materials for modern military and engineering projects

                Case to serve the world with leading technology

                Based on the research and development of new ceramic materials and new products such as silicon carbide and boron carbide, we use core technology to drive the improvement of quality and service, constantly expand the global market with the advantages of products and services, and win the trust of customers.

                Vision: build the first brand in the industry and create a well-known century old enterprise

                Make the enterprise stronger, bigger and long-term, and realize the transformation from a domestic leading enterprise to the top three in the international comprehensive strength of the same industry. The products can enjoy a high brand premium, and the active orders account for more than 30%.

                Core values: people-oriented, pioneering and innovative, the pursuit of excellence

                "People oriented" is the essence of Jinhong's corporate culture. It shows respect for customers and employees in terms of products and services, management systems and processes, software and hardware facilities and equipment, working environment and treatment. It treats users well with high-quality products and employees well with Bodhisattva's heart; "Development and innovation" is

                It is the main way for Jinhong to choose the right opportunity to develop new business and new market. It is an important feature of Jinhong people to open their horizons, face challenges and dare to try; "Excellence" is the realm pursued by Jinhong team in its work and learning. It is specialized, refined and detailed, so as to become stronger and bigger.

                Quality concept: only diamonds can cut diamonds, and only the best can meet the best

                With excellent quality and perfect service to win customer satisfaction and respect, continuous improvement and breakthrough, excellence.

                Enterprise style: respond quickly and act immediately

                We should not only have the style of vigorous and resolute action of the army, but also have stable and reliable methods; Clear rights and responsibilities, timely communication, accurate direction, focus and efficient action.
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